Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've Been Officially Grossed Out

This morning was the first time that I've been officially grossed out by baby poop.  Before today, I've been shocked and awed by baby poop, sprayed with poop, and had a lapful of poop, but never exactly grossed out by it.  I guess today was my time though...I opened up a diaper to find it covering every inch of her and the diaper, and it was GROSS and SMELLY.  

I was doubly grossed out because the entire back (cover and snap in insert) were completely covered.  This just happens to be exactly where the snap is located that allows me to unsnap the insert and remove it from the cover.  

It was bound to happen and I think we have turned a corner when it comes to baby poop.  We've started feeding her solids everyday now, instead of just a few times a week.  From here on out, I expect the poop will only get grosser and smellier.  Good thing the diaper sprayer I ordered arrived two days ago! 

Here's to new adventures with baby poop.  I'm going to pour a little out for those easy to clean, not too smelly, breastmilk-only poops. 

P.S. (are these allowed in blog posts?) I'll let you know how the diaper sprayer works as soon as Sean gets it hooked up. 

P.P.S.  This is not a photo of me, just a free stock photo from stock.xchng


  1. I really need a diaper sprayer!

  2. What, no pictures? (Just kidding)

  3. has the best selection of Diaper/Bidet Sprayers which are actually hand bidet sprayers meant to be used to clean yourself, not a diaper originally. Great way to save allot of money on toilet paper and help the environment. They even have some stainless steel models that come with a 5 year warranty = the best in the industry!


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