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Baby In A Fishbowl Ring Sling Review AND GIVEAWAY

Baby In A Fishbowl Ring Sling Review

Basic Information About The Sling:
This slings come from a great Etsy Shop, Baby in a Fishbowl.  There are a lot of fabric options available and she can make custom orders too.  The particular sling that I purchased is made of Duponi Silk in Summer Sun color and the ring color varies by sling.  The width is about 26" and the length is 85". 

This information about ring slings is from her Etsy Shop site:
Ring sling are great for multiple wearers. They go where your stroller cannot. The open style tail gives you great coverage for nursing privacy, especially for first time moms who are still getting the nack of it. Tuck the tail away when not needed or you can use it for a changing pad, blanket, wiping up spit-up.

Care of sling:  Wash alone Gentle cycle, cold, or hand wash.  Hang dry is recommended.

How it works:
Pretty simple:  put the sling on, put the baby in the pocket, and tighten the sling by pulling fabric through the rings.  It honestly seems more intimidating more than it really is.  The best way to figure out to put it on is to search YouTube for instructions on the different ways to wear your baby.  There are a bunch of videos that demonstrate different holds.  It took me two or three times to get to the point where I could get her in/out quickly.

The regular price for this sling is $48.  However, I got mine on sale.  If you become a Facebook fan of Baby in a Fishbowl, she posts sales and specials there, so you can keep a lookout for deals.  She also has giveaways pretty often on Facebook, so you may win a great item from her shop.

My Experience:
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sling.  I have another ring sling that I bought at a garage sale and while I liked it, I never felt 100% comfortable that she was secure.  I have NEVER felt like that when I have used this sling! 

I noticed the difference between the slings immediately and I put my other sling away (I think for good).  Anyway, I love the fabric, I love the rings, and I love the cute detailed stitching.  I think that the silk is really easy to adjust. One cool thing that I like about the fabric is the color, it seems to change color depending on the light and I think that it is really beautiful.

I use this ring sling when I go to the store and we both like it.  The baby hates sitting in the car seat so she’s glad to be out and about.  I think using a ring sling is much more convenient than lugging a car seat or stroller anywhere. I’ve started keeping it in the car, so that I always have it available when I’m out.  In fact, I just got back from CostCo where I wore her the whole time!  I seriously use this sling almost every day!

Features We Love:
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Cute detailed stitching  (see picture below)

The Downside:
  • Wearing her for long periods of time does make my shoulder get a little sore.
We Vote:
  • Excellent Value 
  • Easy to Use 
  • Convenient for Everyday Use 
  • Love it, Love it, Love it
Overall Rating (out of 10):  10
HERE IS THE COOL PART!  BABY IN A FISHBOWL is generously giving away $25 towards any item in her shop!  
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This is a mandatory entry:
Visit her shop and tell me what you would purchase with the $25.
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This giveaway will end at 7pm on May 3rd.  Please leave your email or a way to contact you.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn. 


  1. To be honest, I would have a hard time choosing between the sling, an ouchie pillow, and those adorable aprons if I won!

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  7. I'd purchase something on clearance. I like things on sale. Or I'd get a skirt, after I lose 30 pounds, I guess I'm safer getting a sling.

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  9. I would get the pineafor in turquoise and black polka :) Thanks!

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