Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get to Know Baby in a Fishbowl!

I've really enjoyed using Theresa's products and I wanted to get to know her a little better. I asked Theresa a few questions about motherhood and her shop.

1. What led you to babywearing?
I hated strange people touching my all baby the time, I would be anywhere and strange people would want to kiss her and pick her up. I wanted to keep her as close to me as I could, so I turned to babywearing and fell in love with it.

2. What inspired you to open an Etsy shop?
Actually I believe my step sister turned me towards etsy. I was amazed that I had never heard of it before.  Although I have had a slow go on etsy, I enjoy the less stress buyer/seller relationship. As everything is handmade, people here seem to understand the time it takes to create an item and have a family too.

3. What is your favorite item in the shop?
My favorite item, right now, is my wrap skirt. I just started selling these. I actually spend more time making myself skirts than making them to sell - heehee.

I do use everything I sell, from bibs, burps, blankets, pouch sling, ring sling, aprons, skirts, etc.  I have made other items for myself, but never duplicated them, since I didn't use a pattern.  My diaper bag is one example. I enjoy not using a pattern, but I sometimes fail to ever re-create the same thing over again. :)

I also love the Silk Ring slings! I think they are so pretty to wear, and great to feel. I only have 3 left, and am not sure I will stock anymore, but I look forward to finding homes for them. 
Adds Angie:  I love the silk ring slings too!  I 100% endorse them:)

4. What has been your best/favorite/funny adventure of the mom kind?
There has been so much in the past 7 yrs since I became a mom. I never thought I wanted to be a mom. I hated to babysit when I was a kid, because kids just didnt like me.
I guess my best adventure was finding the Mom in Me, and discoving how much I LOVE being a Mom!

5.  How did you get the name Baby in a Fishbowl??
How we came up with "Baby in a Fishbowl"- Well...While pregnant and trying to explain to how a baby grows in mommies belly, I told my oldest daughter(then 2.5y old), that the baby is in my belly swimming around like a little "fish" and the baby will stay there until it is ready to come out.  

Fast forward about another 1.5 yrs... while pregnant with number 3, my daughter was talking about the baby in my belly being a little fish.  Her brother was in the sling at the time and she came to the conclusion that being in the sling was like being in my belly again, just like the new baby.  I said "Yes, sort of like a fishbowl".   She said he was a "baby in a fishbowl"!  Now you know the story!

Theresa has a lot of great items in her shop (more than just baby gear too!) and it's all mom-friendly!.  Please visit her shop and check out what items might look good on you!  Also, become her fan on Facebook to hear about specials or enter into her giveaways!
Don't forget to enter a giveaway of $25 toward any item in her shop!  Click here to go there.  


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