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BabyHawk Baby Carrier Review

Baby Hawk Review

Basic Information:
This is a Mei Tai baby carrier. BabyHawk allows you to select your own fabric options on their website and they will custom build it for you. There are tons of fabric options and 17 options for strap color. They now have a new product that snaps and is more like a structured baby carrier.  The one I am reviewing is the Regular BabyHawk.

How it works:
The best way to describe how to use it is to look at the instruction photos. I assure you, the photo arrays look much more complicated to put on than it really is! It takes me less than thirty seconds to put on and get baby all situated! Basically, you tie the bottom strap around your waist.  You hold baby up against your chest, pull the body of the carrier up behind baby's back.  Then, throw the shoulder straps over your shoulders.  The straps cross each other on your back and tie in the front across your baby’s lower back. I only needed assistance the very first time I used it.

$80 for the basic model.
You can add some extra features for an additional cost of usually $5 or $10. Extra features include: a toy ring, minky backing, longer straps, added body size, and pockets.

My Experience:
I love, love, love this thing. (Thanks to Craig and Michelle for buying it for me!) I started using it when my daughter was about 5 weeks old.  Using it helps me get things done around the house because I can use my arms! I use it when I go places so I don’t have to carry a car seat. It’s easier to bring out than a wrap carrier because it’s not one long piece of fabric that can drag on the ground while putting it on. I’ve only used the Newborn Front Carry position so far, but my daughter is getting big enough that I’ll soon need to stick her feet out the side. I haven't been brave enough for the back carry yet, but I look forward to trying it in the future!

Features I Love:
  • No adjustment necessary. You can easily share this between two people (or more). Since it is tied, there are no snaps or buckles to move.
  • Secure. Baby is safe and secure inside.
  • Cute. Yup, I’m going there…I think it’s super cute.
The Downside:
  • Intimidation. I think that the intimidation factor keeps people away.
  • Price. It is certainly not cheap, but in my opinion, it is definitely worth the cost.
  • Practice Required. It takes a few times getting baby in and out to really be able to do it quickly. It also takes a little bit of practice to use on the go. I had to perfect my technique to get baby in and out without dropping straps on the parking lot and quickly enough that we didn’t get too cold in the process.
I Vote:
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Use
  • Cute Fabrics
  • Good Quality
  • Love it, Love it, Love it!
Overall Rating (out of 10): 9.5

Pictures from top to bottom: First time using it (about 5 weeks old); Using it at family Christmas (about 8 weeks old); 18 weeks old


  1. Baby Hawks are great, glad you're spreading the word - but FYI, she's totally old enough for back carries! I back carried my LOs from about 6 weeks, in a variety of carriers, including BHs and other MTs :)

    And if you haven't yet, be sure to check out the forums at thebabywearer too...

  2. Thanks Jen! I guess I've been too nervous for the back carry:) You're such a great resource! So, glad I went to Iowa! I will check out the forums.

  3. Yay!! I'm glad you like it. After I read this the first time, I went to Craig and said, "GUESS WHAT!! Angie wrote about us on her blog!!" He wasn't as excited as I was : )


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