Monday, March 8, 2010

Putting Things in Perspective

I recently heard about a beautiful, little two year-old girl named Layla Grace who has Stage IV Neuroblastoma.  I've been following her story for about two weeks.  Her family has been blogging about her experience and Tweeting for over a year.  When I started following her, she had 35,000 followers.  This evening, she has more than 38,000 followers.  I'm glad that she and her family have so many people out there praying for them!

Sadly, she is only expected to live a few more days.   My heart breaks for this family and I think about them everyday, several times a day.  I pray that God will give Layla peace and her family strength.  I thank God that my baby is healthy and I pray that she will have a long and happy life.  Little Layla reminds me to be thankful for every moment that I've been given with my baby.  Reading about this family's journey puts my woes into perspective. 

You can read Layla Grace's story on her blog or follow her on Twitter


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