Monday, April 26, 2010

Nifty Nappy OS Cloth Diaper Review

Basic Information:
This diaper is made by a WAHM in Utah.  They are available in 47 prints and solids!  Some of them are so super cute, you just can't resist them! It comes with an absorbent insert made of hemp and bamboo velour.  Click HERE to go to the Nifty Nappy website. 

How It Works:
It is a one-size diaper with has waist snaps.  There is no rise adjustment.  However, we have never needed one.  We started using this diaper when she was more than 10 lbs, so I do not know how this dipe would work on a small baby.  

You do need to use a diaper cover with it, because it is not waterproof.  The outer layer is cotton knit, the middle layer is organic hemp fleece and the inside layer is microfleece. You can lay the insert inside the diaper for extra absorbency.  

It is $22.00.  You can purchase from the Nifty Nappy website or from a limited number of retailers.  The first diaper that I purchased was several dollars cheaper because she did not sell diapers through other retailers at that time.  Unfortunately for customers, her prices went up after the diapers became available in retail stores.  However, I'm glad that business is good for her:)  It's nice to see businesses you like prosper.

Our Experience:
This diaper fits Baby A so well and I have to admit that I was surprised.  I was skeptical about the fit since there are no snaps to adjust the rise, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.  It is also the only snap diaper that I've really liked.  You can actually cross the flaps across the waist!

I really love this diaper for nighttime!  I alternate this diaper at night with another diaper since we only have one.  I usually add a second hemp doubler, just to make sure it doesn't leak.  I use it with a pair of wool longies from Nifty Nappy and it's perfect! 

Since it's hard to get them both washed to use every other night, I decided to buy another one yesterday.  So although, I'm sad the price went up, I still bought one.  Luckily, I found it on sale at one of the retailers and found a code for free shipping!  

Features We Love
  • The only set of snaps on the waist that I've found to properly overlap!
  • Excellent, sturdy construction
  • Super Absorbent
  • Adorable fabric selection
The Downside:
  • Fabric is fading...I guess all the washing is taking its toll:( 
  • Too bad the prints get covered up:(
We Vote:
  • Go-To Nighttime Dipe
  • Mom's Fav
Overall Rating: 10
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  1. Hey mama! Thanks for the awesome review. I love it! I am so happy that you like them.
    If I can... I will point out newborn fit:

    Glad that you found a SALE!

  2. That might be the cutest diaper ever. Um, do they make CLEAR covers?!? I might invent that...


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