Thursday, February 11, 2010

Organic Bum Genius AIO Review

Basic Information:
This diaper is made by Cottonbabies, Inc.  The absorbent pads are made of layered organic cotton. The soakers are sewn right into the diaper, so no stuffing is required. In order to minimize drying time, there are two separate absorbent pads (see picture). The diaper is designed to fit most babies between 7 and 35 lbs.

The diapers that we own have Velcro tabs, but the new version of these diapers have snaps. The waist tabs have two snaps and are made to stretch for a nice fit. It is available in 9 colors.

How it works:
There is no stuffing required, so this diaper is very easy to use.  They have an adjustable rise allowing you to make the diaper larger or smaller based on your child’s size. There are three settings, newborn, infant, and toddler, so you just snap the diaper up to make it smaller or leave it unsnapped for the largest setting.

I purchased for $24.95.

Our Experience:
I purchased this diaper because I thought it would be super easy for a childcare provider. I really like this diaper because there is no work required, it really is as easy as a disposable diaper.

Although it says that it should fit a 7 lb baby, I’m not sure that it really would fit a baby that small. We found that it was just too bulky when she was really small. I did not start using this diaper until she was about 10.5 lbs. This wasn’t a big problem for us, because I wasn’t counting on using this diaper right away. If you’re planning these diapers as your main system, you may want to consider purchasing a few of another type of diaper while baby is in newborn stage.

Features We Love:
  • No stuffing!
  • Super Absorbent
  • Stretchy Waist Tabs
  • Made by a St. Louis Company-I’m originally from St. Louis, so I am glad that I can support a hometown company
The Downside:
  • Drying Time- I think that they did everything they could to minimize the dry time, but it is still longer than all of our other diapers.
  • Bulkiness-gives small babies a large bottom. My daughter is only 15 weeks old, so this will improved as she grows.
  • Price
  • The velcro tabs are fraying a little on the edge.  Since we haven't been using them for very long, I'm a little concerned about those. (see the picture).  I think that the new snap waist is likely an improvement on the design.

We Vote:
  • Super Absorbent
  • Easy to Use
  • Convenient for Travel
  • Great for Babysitter
Overall Rating (out of 10): 9


  1. we've enjoyed using BG organics too but you are right- they dont fit newborn babies. Kissaluvs fitted work really well for those.
    just thought i'd share

  2. i agree with you that kissaluvs size 0 was really great for our newborn.


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