Monday, February 15, 2010

Look What I Made (besides that cute baby)

Look at this hat I made!  I'm so proud.  Plus, this picture is so darn adorable.  I've recently become obsessed with handmade items after I discovered the great things on  Although, I think things sold on Etsy are fantasic, I remembered that I have some skills for creating things.  Instead of buying a hat, I decided that I'd make my little Adelaide a hat with a super cute flower.  I found a pattern for the flower on the internet and sort of made up the hat as I went.  It was a fun, quick project for me.

I think that lesson that I learned here is that we all have talents or gifts we can give our children.  Toys that require batteries and store-bought clothing aren't always better than something homemade.  After all, there is a lot more love put into a handmade gift and that is exactly why those items will mean more to them in the future than something you get at Target.   

The little doll in the picture is also handmade (but not by me).  I bought it on from the Sunflower Radiant Love shop. 


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