Sunday, March 7, 2010

Babywearing...seriously, the best thing EVER

I really cannot adequately describe my obsession with and affection for babywearing.  It is like giving your arms the gift of freedom...wait, it actually does give them freedom.  It is like being able to snuggle all the time...wait, you actually do snuggle the whole time.  It is like having the most fashionable accessory...well, if you count the baby, yes...if you're talking about the fabric, maybe.

This week in babywearing was AWESOME.  I got to ditch lugging the carseat!  It was so warm that I didn't carry Adelaide in her carseat anywhere!  I was able to do that way back in November when she was really a wee one, but it has been so cold that I didn't want to transfer her in and out of the carseat/babycarrier outside.  So, for months, I've been lugging the carseat into the store and (often) she would just stay in it for her ride in the cart. 

This week, different story, I never took the car seat out.  I simply unbuckled her, stuck her in a baby carrier, and we went on our happy way.  It is heaven!!  I am glad to have a safe, reliable car seat, but I HATE carrying that thing!  Not carrying it around is such a huge relief!  I always feel like I am  about 2 seconds from dropping it because I seem to be a little off-kilter and I walk really fast to get where I am going so I can set it down.  I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about...

If you have ever thought about using a it. 

Here's a list of places that we went this week with the carrier I used!
1.  The pediatrician's office-The BabyHawk
2.  Downtown KC-The BabyHawk (a three block walk)
3.  Pizza Shoppe-Ring Sling (first time facing out!!) 
4.  Walk around our neighborhood-The BabyHawk
5.  Dog Park-Ring Sling
6.  Target-Ring Sling
Honestly, I think that the baby carriers that I have are at the top of my "Most Useful Baby Items" list.  I love being able to use my hands.  I love having her close and knowing she is secure.  I know she enjoys the view too!   


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