Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Tip to Share Pics

We don't live near our families, so I wanted to easily share pictures of Baby A with them and I found a great way to do it using Shutterfly.  They have a feature that allows you to set up your own website to share photos.  I was previously a devoted Snapfish user and would invite people to view my photo folders, but I've found that this Shutterfly share site is much easier to use for sharing photos!  I love it because it is essentially like a photo blog.

I also like that there are various privacy settings that you can select.  I have ours password protected so that no crazies out there are looking at photos of my sweet baby!  The way that I set up my site, I invited friends and family and sent them the password.  

In addition, others can upload their photos to the site and share with us.  (However, if your family is like mine, they won't ever upload pics to it.)    It also allows you to add text posts and store up to 6 videos.  

Photos that you add to the share site are also automatically added to your Shutterfly account, so you can easily order photos too.  Seriously, I've found this to be a huge timesaver and it's worth checking out if you are looking for an easy way to keep people up-to-date on your family.  

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  1. Angie, I just tried to upload some pictures to the Shutterfly website and I can't find where to go to do it : ( Do you know where the link would be for me?


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