Monday, April 19, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you to Saskia, at Sugar Magnolia, who nominated me for the award.  I really enjoy reading her blog.  She lives in Utah, is a self-proclaimed free spirit (which I can tell by reading her blog), has six children, and makes those fabulous dolls and shoes I have discussed previously.  I know this list surely isn't exhaustive of her, but I don't know her in real life, so I enjoy getting to know her via blogworld.  I think I enjoy her blog so much, because I've always wanted to be more of a free spirit (among other things).

I am really honored that she sent this to me, so thank you to Saskia.  As a recipient, I am supposed to write seven things about myself and nominate 15 blogs.  I'll have to get back to you on the 15 blogs, but here are my seven things.

1.  I love history.  I love to learn more about the past.  I especially love learning about World War II (probably because my Grandpa fought in the Pacific).  My default channel is the History Channel if I am looking for something to watch on TV.

2.  I really want to raise my children to be responsible, caring, contributing people who think about the world and the other people who live in it when they make decisions.  I really believe that a society is only as strong as it weakest link.  We were very fortunate to have been born into our circumstances, to be middle class, to have loving families, and opportunities for education.  However, not everyone is that fortunate, but everyone deserves a chance and has a right to make a happy, healthy life.  We should do what we can to make it possible for others to succeed.  The bottom line is that I just want my children to know that in helping others and considering the greater good, they are also making their own lives better.  

3.  Growing things gives me great pleasure!  Four years ago, we moved into our house which had a beautifully landscaped yard and two raised garden beds.  I have enjoyed everything about my garden over the past four years.  I love watching my little sprouts grow, but even more I love eating the end results!  I am trying to improve my cooking skills, so that none of my veggies go to waste.  

4.  I cry easily.  I end up crying more often than most people.  Most of the time, it's not really a big deal.  I think that I just have quite a few emotions that are wired to my tear ducts.

5.  I have a fear of going to the bathroom when people are around.  When I lived in the dorms in college, my roommate had to stand guard outside our community bathroom, just so that I could finally go.

6.  I would love to be a professor.  I don't know if that will actually happen, but I can always dream.  :)

7. I love cheese, especially melted cheese.  So, I love nachos, macaroni and cheese, and St. Louis Style pizza.  Once, I ate 5 Amy's brand frozen mac and cheese meals 5 times in one week.  

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  1. I love cheese to- cheese enchiladas- heaven, but cheese is something I need to leave alone
    thanks for doing this!


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