Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Goes In Must Come Out

It's just a shame that it doesn't come out a little quicker.  I feel like the only thing that I've wanted to blog about is baby poop lately, but it's surprising how baby poop impacts your life.  My poor baby has taken to going #2 every few days.  So, I spend a lot of time thinking about baby poop...did it happen at the babysitter, when is it coming, is all that grunting healthy, etc. 

She probably loses a pound when she goes, because when it comes out, boy, it comes out.  We've had 3 poop explosions in the past few weeks.  You may have seen the picture in a previous post-that wasn't even the worst of them either.  I'm wondering if the volcano eruption in Iceland inspired her to try to recreate it in Kansas.  I am really thankful that I got the diaper sprayer before all this fun started.  I plan to post a review of our sprayer soon.  However, this will be the basic premise: I can't imagine having to scrape or dunk that stuff, I'd get one if I were you. 

Instead of talking about food on the way out, let's talk about food on the way in.  Here's Baby A's first time in the high chair!  She's getting big so fast, I just can't believe it!
Here's the best part of my night though!  Look what my baby can do!
I am so proud!  I took manual dexterity for granted until I realized that it takes time to learn how to do this.  I've never seen her pick up a puff between her thumb and index finger before tonight.  She could grab several in her hand, but they ended up in her palm.  Then, they got stuck there and she couldn't get them into her mouth.  Maybe she just needed a high chair, because those little puffs made it into her mouth without any help from me!  YAY!!!  I'm such a proud mama!  Way to go!


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