Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Best Baby Shoes...Period

Well, I call them slippers...they're soft soled baby shoes, so they seem like slippers to me.  I wish I would have bought a pair much earlier!  Socks never stay on Baby A's feet and I can't figure out why.  She does have a little bit of a case of the cankles, but it is not so bad that I would expect socks not to work.  However, I won these WONDERFUL shoes about a month ago and she has been wearing them almost everyday since then.  

The shoes are elasticized, but they aren't tight.  They are very soft, made of natural materials, and come in many cute prints.  She is 5 months old and still has plenty of room to grow in them.  But, the main reason I love them is that I'm not always looking for where they fell off (which happens all the time when she wears socks)!   

I've already written about the SunflowerRadiantLove Etsy Shop and this is another awesome product from Saskia.  They sell for $10.95 and I think they are well worth it!  This is definitely a product that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


  1. i won a pair and that is why i started to make them- i love how they stay on the feet! when my babies walk all they wear are the leather ones like this- and what a cute diaper she has on!

  2. Oh...where can I get some leather ones like this?

  3. all over etsy- just search for leather baby shoes- I LOVE THE leather ones. but my 11 month old isn't even crawling, let alone walking


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