Thursday, March 18, 2010

Product I Love: Padálily

I really like this cool little product!  The Padálily is essentially a foam pad that wraps around your car seat handle.  If you are like me and loop your arm through the car seat and carry it on your forearm, I bet you would like it too.  My good friend, Katie gave it to us and I am so grateful.  (I think she may have gotten one as a shower gift and felt it necessary to share the love.) 

The foam pad is about ½ inch thick, so it’s not so bulky that it creates a problem, but provides enough cushion to make a noticeable difference for your forearm.  There is a strip of sturdy Velcro that allows you to easily wrap around the handle.  It comes in a quite a few cute prints that are boy, girl, and gender neutral appropriate.  As you can see, mine is super cute and girly!  I think that most moms would appreciate this.

However, if you’re a tough-o, like my husband, and carry the handle with your hand, you might not appreciate this product as much.  Since this does wrap around the handle, if you do carry it with your hand, it will make it bulkier.  

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  1. I have never heard of one of these. I may need to try one. I think it would be much more comfortable than carrying around the carseat with my forearm, which is what I do now. Thanks for the info!


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