Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Products I Love!

I'll be honest with you, the giraffe baby is 100% the reason that I became obsessed with Etsy.  I bought her a few months ago for Baby A.  I love the doll and she loves to eat her:)  I stick one in my purse to keep Baby A occupied when we go out.  I recently won the mini baby in a giveaway. I'm so glad to have these well-made toys. 

These are Waldorf-inspired* baby dolls.  Each baby in SunflowerRadiantLove's Etsy Shop is handmade and unique.  They are made with all natural materials and stuffed with wool.  They are super soft!  Her shop had big babies, mini babies, and root babies (which look like little sproutlings).

I'm most excited about these because I think they will inspire imagination.  Since each one is unique, no one else will have a doll like either one!  I hope that has meaning for Baby A in the future.  I'm also thrilled that they don't have batteries!  We have too many of those toys around here.

*In case you haven't heard of Waldorf (which I hadn't), click here for the Wikipedia entry.

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  1. That black one is so gorgeous, one of my most favorites ever, and she's 100% natural! That other mini one is cute, even with one arm bigger than the other! ha ha! Etsy is addicting, isn't it?


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