Friday, January 27, 2012

Bad Hair

I've been Facebook stalking a lot of babies recently because I swear that 15 people I know had babies within the last month.  I've come to realize that people who have epidurals end up with much better hair for that FIRST PICTURE with their new bundle of joy than people who have a natural birth. 

When I had my daughter, I didn't understand why I looked so bad in my post-birth pictures compared to others.  Now, I've come to the conclusion that the blood, sweat, tears, and cold washcloths for the forehead associated with natural birth really eliminate any possibility of not looking like crap.

Case in point
 Post-Baby A hair in 2009-even after I had cleaned up a little!
Post Baby P in 2012-again, even after I cleaned up a little.

I'm working on making sure that my hair at least looks better than this every day.  Oh, and I'm trying to dress a little better than this each day too, but I might be a little less successful in that endeavor.  In all seriousness, it meant something special to me to wear the same dress to deliver both of my children.  Although, when I look at the dress now, I'm not too excited to wear it outside the confines of a hospital room:)

P.S. When I look at these two pictures, the difference in size between my two kids is really striking.  Geez, Baby P is a big guy...2 lbs makes a huge difference!

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  1. This post inspired me to look at my immediate postpartum hair. you look fabulous compared to me.


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