Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Wish My House Was In A Sweet Tomatoes

I really love that restaurant.  I would probabaly want a little more privacy than a corner booth could provide, but having access to so many toppings to put on my lettuce might be worth it.  Not to mention that I could get made from scratch soups every day.  I wonder if I could convince corporate to go for it...

Today, I took my daughter there for dinner, just me and her.  I decided that if I can handle a baby AND my appetite at the best all you can eat salad bar restaurant EVER, then I'm the coolest person that I know.  The best part about our trip though was that I got my baby to eat beets, the only food she has previously refused to eat.  I was excited.  In addition, she devoured the Mediterranean Cous Cous dish, which I personally found kind of gross (probably because of the black olives-I hate olives).  My husband and I have really made it a priority to make sure our daughter is eating a wide variety of healthy, flavorful, and interesting foods, so I get really excited when she eats something new.  In fact, I think that I like it better when she eats something that I don't like. (I should mention--mainly because my Mom would say that I'm horrendous for making her eat something that I don't like--I don't feed her anything that I haven't eaten first. 

I really hope that she continues to eat like this.  It is so easy to introduce her to new foods and she always seems to gobble them up. 


  1. that restaurant sounds great, thank you so much for your comments on the doll. I do think she was beautiful though a big thick headed in the hair department :) They're so fun to make- you must post a picture

  2. Hi Saskia,
    I will definitely post a picture! Her bday party is in a few weeks:)


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