Monday, March 22, 2010

Are You Worried About BPA?

Even though I am breastfeeding, my baby still has to use bottles at daycare. If you're like me, you're concerned about BPA in bottles.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but I think that it is more dangerous than we have been lead to believe.

Right after my daughter started at daycare, I remembered that I purchased some of my bottles at a garage sale and I had no idea when they were manufactured.  Even though, I purchased new nipples, I wasn't sure if the plastic was BPA-free or not.  The bottles looked different than the new bottles of the same brand that I had gotten.  Since I couldn't determine if they were safe, I decided not to use them. 

 Sometimes, it is hard to find out facts about controversial issues from trustworthy sources.  I often wish that there were someone out there to synthesize the information for me so that I could just read an executive summary and make my decision.  But, that doesn't happen very often and I'm  left trying to look things up.  Thank God for journalists (only the good ones though), because sometimes they do it for you.

Today I found an article on that I think is extremely helpful.  Click on the link to go to the article.  I particularly found this report from the Friends of Earth Europe compelling.  This chemical is in a lot more products than I was aware and I've decided to limit the use of those products in our home.  I urge you to read the information here and decide whether or not you should take steps to limit your baby's exposure to BPA. 

I'll just say that after reading the research and reports, I'm glad her bottle exposure is limited and I'm going to avoid heating up food containers in the microwave.


  1. Hi A.
    I bookmarked these two sites a while back. This post made me think of them, so thought I'd share:


    I agree...we try to avoid BPA in our home too.

  2. Thanks E! I will bookmark these too!

  3. I went to a talk given by Frederick vom Saal (the guy at the top of the article), he provided some good info but also made you afraid to step out your front door. BPA is in so many things from your water pipes to receipt paper. He definitely made me not want to eat any canned food products.

  4. Yes I saw that vom Saal was from Mizzou, so I, of course, trusted everything that he said! ;)

    Yes, I didn't realize that there was so much in canned foods until I read that article. I thought the main problem was plastics, but I'm glad I know now.


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