Monday, January 11, 2010

Ten Things I'm Thankful for in 2010

It's funny how your perspective can change in one year.  Last year, I gave myself a little project in gratitude and tried to identify things for which I really needed to be thankful.  Here's 10 things that I wouldn't have picked in 2009, but wouldn't trade in 2010. 
1. Toothless Grins: I mean, I personally don't want one, plus I have a good dentist, but look at this one. Who wouldn't love this?!?!?!
2. Baths: I never really liked taking baths, but I've discovered that giving baths to baby is so much fun!  She loves to splash and kick and it brings out the toothless grin I love.
3. Tucks Pads: Pregnancy and childbirth can really do a number on you...enough said...
4. Cream that you wipe on other people's butts: I've always known that a career in nursing would be out because of things just like this, but diaper rash cream is pretty awesome.
5. A little bit of flab: OK, I admit, I don't actually want flab.  However, I am 100% thankful for how I got it.  I am lucky enough to have carried that little girl for 40+ weeks and I have a happy, healthy baby.  So, thanks for doing your job flab, but you've got to go sometime soon.
6. Laundry: I've always disliked putting away clothes more than any other chore except emptying the dishwasher. Even though we have a lot more laundry now,  I don't mind it as much.  I'm really happy with our decision to use cloth diapers and they've got to get clean somehow!
7. Large pieces of fabric the you wrap around your body: Before a baby, I would say that wearing fabric that in a way that somewhat resembles a sumo wrestler would be a fashion no-no.  Now, I say fashion yes. These baby wearing devices are awesome.
8. Big boobs: This is another thing that if I'm 100% honest, I don't really adore them, but they're doing me a solid and feeding my baby. It's just too bad that they had to get SO MUCH bigger. Here's hoping that don't stay like this forever...or one day I'll have to be thankful for plastic surgeons.
9. Projectile (anything): Yes, I am even thankful for the projectile poop that was all over my dress 10 minutes before we needed to leave for church on the day of her baptism and the projectile spit up that landed in my hair last week.  I'd be satisfied with less is more on this one though. 
10. Very little sleep: If you know me, then you know how much I cherish sleep. I've gladly sacrificed some of my sleep lately, but I'm about 1000 times more thankful that she started sleeping through the night already!


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